Top 5 Videos

5 SCARIEST Videos on Youtube! -with links

The scariest real videos on YouTube. Scariest stuff on the web. Watch the videos! Nuke's Top 5: ... Watch on Youtube

Top 5 Scary Horror Movies

The top 5 scary movies for your Halloween viewing pleasure... or any other time. Not quite a top 10, but there aren't many GOOD scary

Omegle Pranks

Jason / Friday the 13th Scare Prank on Omegle!

In this scary prank, Friday the 13th killer Jason Voorhees goes on Omegle to freak people out. See the horror on their faces! Some very

HULK SMASH! Scary Omegle Prank

Incredible Hulk on Omegle video chat scares the crap out of people! No one is ready when Hulk Smash! Omegle. Some very funny reactions and